Eggberts Easter Wish

Eggberts Easter Wish 1.0

Help Eggbert get his fill of Easter eggs!


  • Free


  • No configuration options
  • Very limited gameplay

Not bad

As many of you will have already discovered, it's sometimes hard to find a good game with a seasonal twist. Eggberts Easter Wish is obviously designed with the Spring festival in mind, but will it be any good?

Unfortunately not. Eggberts Easter Wish is very limited, in terms of graphics, playability and excitement. A chicken flies overhead, randomly dropping eggs. Eggbert tries to catch them in his mouth and if he fails, the eggs smash against the wall and become...fried eggs. Three fried eggs and you're out!

Eggberts Easter Wish has no configuration options at all. You can't change the speed at which the eggs fall or the music that plays. I think the character of Eggbert is quite sweet and the game could provide a few minutes' fun on Easter morning, but don't expect much from what is basically a one-trick pony.

Eggberts Easter Wish - it's Easter-themed, but not much fun.

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Eggberts Easter Wish


Eggberts Easter Wish 1.0

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